Top 5 Reasons to Choose A Cellular Trail Camera


Cellular trail cameras have rapidly been gaining in popularity over the past few years. We’re going to look at the reasons why this is and why, if you’re currently thinking about buying a trail camera, you should go cellular.

If you have any more questions after reading, get in touch with the WingHome team by email or chat with us directly via our Facebook page. Without further ado, let’s get started with the top 5 reasons you should choose a cellular trail camera…

Reason #5 - Check trail cam from home

We all know the feeling of setting a camera on a timer, posing with friends for a photo, only to look at the viewer later and find out it didn’t go off. As frustrating that can be, you can easily reset the camera and eventually get the shot you want.

Unfortunately, it’s not so simple when it comes to trail cameras. You can take a bunch of test photos or videos to ensure the camera is working OK, leave the camera for a few days or weeks, and come back to find that something went wrong in the meantime and the camera has hardly managed to capture a single photo.

Faulty batteries, wrong settings, even hardware failure, however good electronic devices are, they’ll always be liable to some kind of malfunction. In the case of trail cameras that could mean a huge chunk of time wasted.

That’s what makes cellular connectivity such an important feature for trail cameras. Because you can instantly receive the photos and videos your camera captures, you can monitor the camera 24/7 and be confident that it’s working as it should.

But what if it’s working OK but you’re still not happy with the results? This brings us to…

Reason #4 = Change trail camera settings remotely

This next reason to choose a cellular trail camera shows how they take things to the next level. Not only can you see the images the camera is taking to ensure it’s working, you can also alter the kind of photos or videos it’s taking.

Say the image resolution is too low, or the timer has been set for the wrong time of day, or perhaps the motion detection sensitivity is too high so you’re getting too many small animal photos, at the press of a button you can alter these settings, just as easily as if you had the camera in your hand!

In the image above, you can see how this works. When you get a cellular trail cam, you also get a free iOS or Android cell application included. All you need to do is scan the QR code in the user manual, download it to your phone, connect your trail cam and you’re good to go.

Which bring us to…

Reason #3 - Receive trail cam photos on your phone

So, you’ve got the app on your cell phone and you can remotely control the settings of the camera, but you can do even more.

From the comfort of your own home, you can now view all of the photos and videos your trail cam is capturing instantly. Pretty sweet!

But you don’t even have to open up the app to take a look of your images. You can also set up your cellular trail cam to send the images to your phone messages and to your email inbox if that’s what you’d like, so you can keep constant track of what your camera is recording.

The beauty of the app, however, is that it gives you access to all of your photos and videos in one convenient location. But where exactly are your photos and videos being stored?

Reason #2 – Free photo cloud storage

Standard trail cameras, as you probably know, store all of the photos and videos on an SD card. This is local storage, so-called because it’s only accessible if you are in the local area, i.e. where the trail camera is. If you want to access the content on the card, you’ve got to swap it out for a new one, take the card back home and upload the content to a computer.

All of this is can be a bit of a pain, especially when dealing with tiny little cards that can easily be lost or damaged out in the wilderness. Not only that, the storage capacity of an SD card is limited, usually up to 32GB, so once that limit has been reached the camera will either stop recording new images, or will start to overwrite the first images, depending on the settings.

Cellular trail cameras simplify this whole process. They can use local storage, but they are designed to upload the photos and videos they capture to cloud storage. As a user, you have your own individual encrypted cloud account, accessible only by you, which you can access at any time through the cell phone app.

You can download any photos or videos you choose to, or delete them as you see fit. All cellular trail cameras come with free cloud storage, with subscription services to increase the cloud storage capacity, so you can keep all the photos and videos you want.

The ease and simplicity of using cellular trail cameras brings us to… 

Reason #1 – Trail camera mount

At the end of the day, trail cameras are a means to an end, and shouldn’t be an end in themselves. Ideally, you want to be spending as little time as possible actually dealing with trail cameras: walking miles out in the wilderness to collect the photos, worrying about whether they’re working or not and getting the right kind of images, swapping out SD cards etc.

What trail cameras are really all about is enjoying the great outdoors and getting to experience nature as intimately as possible. This is why cellular trail cameras are such an important advance in trail camera technology, they save you time and let you do more of what you really love.


I hope that has shed some light on this innovative area of trail camera technology. I’m pretty sure you now see why cellular trail cameras are rapidly becoming the standard, especially as cellular connectivity continues to improve.

At present though, the price of cellular trail cameras can be prohibitively expensive. At WingHome we are bringing to market our latest 4G camera that will reduce cellular trail camera prices down to a reasonable level, opening up these fantastic devices to everyone.

If you have any questions about our 4G camera, we would love to hear from you. And we’d love to hear from you with any questions about trail cameras in general. Contact us by email here, and visit us at our Facebook page to chat with us directly.

Happy trails from the WingHome team!

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