The Introduction of Best Spring Trail Camera

When talking about spring, we naturally think of warm, beautiful, life giving, etc. Spring actually symbolizes an explosion of life. In order to capture those vibrant lives, a camera with long standby ability will be very useful to you.
Spring is very wet, humid, and full of critters. The rain and humidity will cause water damages to trail camera, the ants may invade into the camera. So we need to take all of these possibilities into consideration and make comparisons with different kinds of trail cameras even including your current ones and new cameras on the market to make a final decision.
First of all, maybe you need to blow the dust of your old trail camera and check whether it can still work or not. If it works, maybe you will keep thinking: is it worth it to buy new batteries for it and use it for another year? If there is any doubt about these thoughts, you’d better try a new one.

I can’t wait to share you the features of WingHome Trail cameras to you. Here is the brief introduction of WingHome 350C trail camera, you will be satisfied with it.

• 24MP high-quality pictures
• 1080P HD video (Audio included)
• 0.8s Trigger time
• IP66 Waterproof Degree
• No Glow Night Vision
• Time-lapse capability
• Invisible flash (black)
• Individual Built-in 2 inch LCD Screen Design
• True 8 Months battery life for all season scouting
• Image data: time, date, temp, moon phase, battery
• Product warranty
• Wide Detection Angle
• Several mounting options: tripod, screw in, and straps


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