WingHome Tips: TOP 3 Trail Camera Tactics You Should Know

Do you have your trail cameras right now? It is said that more and more outdoor enthusiasts are owning trail cameras. Are you curious about rich animals outdoors, like turkey, bear, buck? Or have you just been too busy? Get up and get your trail cameras out! Don’t be a couch potato any longer! Here are our top 3 trail camera tips and tactics for your coming trail camera scouting.

Choose a Right Trail Camera
With the progress of technology and the improvements of game cameras, the right and suitable camera plays a crucial role to make sure that you won’t miss game and final get the pictures. The quality of pictures and the trigger speed are the most important traits to evaluate the quality of a camera. WingHome 350C trail camera is the right one for you. With the 12 megapixel photo resolution and 0.4s trigger speed, it can hit the target every time without a miss and produce clear photos and videos. The 2-inch LCD color viewing screen makes it quick and easy to go through pictures right there on the spot.Camera Settings
A frequently asked question is what setting to put your camera on. Taking the time to enter the time and date is crucial as you want to know what time these bucks are visiting the area you have the camera set up on. After that is all taken care of then you have to select the mode you would like to shoot.

Photo- The most common setting on the camera but highly regarded. Most often we use a 5-photo burst with a varying delay depending on location. Typically, a short delay for trails and a longer delay for food plots are our preferred settings.

Video- The setting of video has become more popular in recent years with the quality of the videos greatly enhancing making it a more desirable and reliable mode. Video can be used to help study deer behavior and interactions along with helping you see where they are coming from and leaving in particular scenarios.

Time Lapse- Time lapse might be one of the most underrated trail camera features available on most game cameras. Knowing when to set the camera to start and stop is the key to being able to put together the story of how the deer are traveling in, across, and out of the field.

Make sure your view is obstruction-free.
When you are setting up the camera, make sure there are no leaves, branches or trees in the way. You need to have a clear view of the deer if you are to form an effective hunting strategy.
These are some of the tips you have to follow when mounting your WingHome trail camera. This way, you can obtain clear pictures of the deer you want to hunt and obtain the information you need to hunt them easily.

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